Small & medium fountains

A growing global trend is to install surface or subsurface aerators in ponds or lakes that are less than 15 feet (5m) deep. Aerators provide the best vertical circulation to add dissolved oxygen to the water.

When a lake or pond loses its ecological balance, the effects or symptoms are readily apparent:

  • Unsightly algae build-up
  • Aggressive weed growth
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Depleted fish populations


If this water source is used to supply an irrigation system, the effects are compounded both functionally and aesthetically:

  • Clogged sprinkler heads, valves and pumps
  • Damaged turf
  • Loss of water storage capacity
  • Odors, fish kills and insect breeding
  • Diminished aesthetic appeal

SMALLER PONDS of less than ½ acre provide tremendous beauty and function to both residential and commercial properties. These waterways are often used for everything from water gardening and fishing to retention ponds and storm water basins and are found in many new development projects. However, these bodies of water are unique due to their smaller size and shallow depth and therefore are in great need of oxygen and circulation. Without aeration these small ponds are easily thrown out of ecological balance and can suffer from excessive aquatic vegetation and foul odor.

Based on the needs of the small pond owner, Fractional Aerator & Fountain lines with interchangeable spray patterns to operate at depths as low as 33cm have been developped. These small but powerful systems are able to provide a solution to your water quality management needs, while enhancing the natural habitat for aquatic animals and wildlife.

Enjoy the cascading effects of a water feature day into night with the Deluxe Packages off ered on these systems. Our energy efficient Fountain GloTM light systems are available with colored lens packages, and operate off low voltage MR16 bulbs.

With the addition of dissolved oxygen into the water and the resulting convection patterns that reduce stratification, aeration systems impacts three factors:

  • Oxygen: aerating the water encourages aerobic digestion of nutrients by adding oxygen, which significantly reduces sediments/sludge build-up.
  • Nutrients: potentially harmful nutrients are kept in ecological balance through oxidation and de-stratification.
  • Temperature: mixing warmer surface and cooler bottom water with dissolved oxygen breaks down stratification to further enhance the ecological balance of adding carbon dioxide at lower levels.


Fractional Standard ½HP - 5 patterns ( High volume, Gemini, Phoenix, Rocket, Mixer)  - 41 to 115 m3/hr.
Fractional De Luxe With 3 Lights ½HP - 5 patterns ( High volume, Gemini, Phoenix, Rocket, Mixer) - 41 to 115 m3/hr.

  • Fractional Series comes standard with 5 systems in 1; 4 Aerating Fountain patterns & horizontal Mixer.
  • 2 year all-inclusive warranty.
  • Operates in 16in or 41cm of water.
  • Complete package includes assembled unit, power control center with timer & gfci, and cable. (Power control center optional on 50Hz units)
  • Safety tested and listed with ETL, ETL-C, conforming to UL standards, and carries a 3rd party listing with CE.
  • Oxygen Transfer Rate of 1kg/HP/hr with a Pumping Rate of 115m3/hr - Highest Performance Rate of any Fractional Aerator in the Industry.
  • Effectively controls algae, aquatic weeds, and foul odors; as well as create horizontal currents - deterring insects and insect breeding.

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