• Flexible scheduling features that make the controller ideal for a wide variety of applications including residential and light- commercial irrigation systems.
  • Zone-based scheduling allows every valve to be scheduled independently; no more explaining “programs” to end users, virtually eliminating call-backs. 
  • The large LCD screen shows all of the programming for each zone at the same time.
  • LNK WiFi Ready: combined with Rain Bird’s LNK WiFi Module (sold separately), you can receive internet-based weather data that adjusts irrigation schedules on a daily basis for up to 30% water savings.
  • LNK WiFi Module*: a revolutionary NEW product from Rain Bird that enables instant WiFi connectivity!  *Sold separately 




  • Controller Features
    • Simple user interface is easy to explain and presents every controller feature on a single screen
    • Requires only two mounting screws
    • Large LCD display with easy to navigate user interface
    • Weather Sensor input with software override
    • Master valve/pump start circuit
    • Non-Volatile (100-year) program memory
    • Programmable under battery power
  • Scheduling Features
    • Zone based Scheduling, allows for independent schedules assigned to each zone (Run times, Start Times and watering days are customizable by zone)
    • Contractor Rapid Programming™ automatically copies the start times and watering days from zone 1 to all remaining zones at initial set up
    • 6 independent Start Times per zone
    • 4 Watering Days options by zone: custom days of week, Odd calendar days, EVEN calendar days, Cyclic (every 1 – 14 days)
    • Manually water ALL or SINGLE zone on demand
  • Advanced Features
    • Electronic diagnostic circuit breaker
    • Contractor Rapid Programming™ and “copy previous Zone” for faster initial set up
    • Contractor Defaulttm save / restore
    • Weather Sensor bypass
    • Weather Sensor bypass by Zone
    • LNK WiFi Ready

  • Controller Hardware
    • Plastic wall-mount case
    • 4, 6 or 8 station units
    • 2 x AAA batteries for time and date backup (included)

RZXe4i-230v indoor, 4 stations
RZXe6i-230v indoor, 6 stations
RZXe8i-230v indoor, 8 stations

RZXe4-230v Outdoor, 4 stations
RZXe6-230v Outdoor, 6 stations
RZXe8-230v Outdoor, 8 stations

  • Station timing: 0 to 199 min
  • Seasonal Adjust; -90% to +100%
  • Independent schedule per zone
  • 6 Start Times per zone
  • Program Day Cycles include Custom days of the week, Odd, Even, & Cyclical dates
  • Manual SINGLE station
  • Manual ALL stations


  • 230 VAC ± 10%, 50Hz
  • Output: 24 VAC 650mA
  • Power back-up: 2 x AAA batteries maintain time and date while non-volatile memory maintains the programming

Width: 16,9 cm
Height: 15,0 cm
Depth: 3,9 cm





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